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  1. Great progression, full of bangers, tight run time, top 10/15 material. I think the shoegaze influence was a little overstated lol, I hear it a bit but it's a little too clean for that.
  2. Older stuff is better ofc (mostly cause of Dave) but I’m actually a fan of this, pretty catchy and Andy knows how to use his voice for some cool melodies. I was right to be more hyped for this than MMF
  3. I've never disliked a song so much after a first listen. It's just so noisy with no rhythm.
  4. Release - September 21, 2018 Genre - Metalcore / Djent Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Perennial Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  5. Release - September 21, 2018 Genre - Alt. Rock / Emo Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Georgia on My Mind 2. keeping up Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  6. They scrapped that album and like 2 others before that lol. I loved those songs too though. His verse on J'ouvert was insane though.
  7. Wasn't too impressed on first listen, but nowadays I need lots of listens for every album. I just think that lyrically they took a step or 2 down, as well as with the catchiness of songs. The later is Kevin's job and I do feel like he wasn't as strong as on the Saturation trilogy. Production ranges from solid to awesome; however, some parts sound kinda unfinished in that there's white/pink noise in the background, or a type of static that makes it sound unrefined. I thought the first 5 songs were mostly forgettable, but then Weight and District were great. Other favorites include J'ouvert (dat Joba verse tho), Honey, Vivid and Tonya. So I guess I think half of the album is average while the other half is very good. Saturation 3 will likely remain my favorite of theirs by far unless this REALLY grows on me, but I could see this not touching any of the Saturation albums. Lastly, I think the "year" singles from TBYOUL were all really good and probably better than the majority of songs on here. EDIT: After more listens, my favorites are confirmed as the ones I listed above. New Orleans is really good too. Feeling a light 8 on this I'd say.
  8. Release - September 19, 2018 Genre - Metalcore Quality - M4A 256kbps CBR *Thank you @MusicOblivion* Tracklist: 8. Enjoy Your Slay Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  9. Yeah I mean out of 10, CTE hype was at a 5 and MMF was at a 3. You can now see what MMF ended up being lol
  10. I also love this band. EDIT: Also to everyone, tried my best on a placeholder artwork from the yt thumbnail lol, I'll change it eventually.
  11. Release - September 19, 2018 Genre - Hip-hop/Rap Quality - MP3 320kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. 151 Rum Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  12. Release - September 19, 2018 Genre - Alt. Rock / Emo Quality - MP3 128kbps CBR (Web-rip) Tracklist: 1. keeping up Download Support! Facebook / iTunes