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  1. Technically four years, if you wanna be pedantic I actually won the competition too, legit the only thing I've ever won in my life
  2. The ammount of temptation I have to use this as the actual artwork instead is unbearable hahaha
  3. Amazing. It's definitely gonna out-do Disgusting as number one Beartooth record, for me at least
  4. Technically, Deadbeat is their second EP, so To Whom It May Concern is their debut full-length. Caleb Shomo produced Deadbeat, so unfortunately it sounds like every other Shomo album from 2012-2013 i.e. Violence by Tear Out The Heart, To Create A Cure by My Ticket Home, Attack Attack's This Means War etc. but it's still great nevertheless. Their 2011 EP, Cutting The Ties is pretty decent too. Could be worth checking that out
  5. I think the artwork for every one of the singles is better than the actual album art haha. Nevertheless, amazing song. Can't wait for this record!
  6. I'm so excited for this album. I've enjoyed every song put out on this album so far, all six of them are great IMO. Unpopular opinion, but I think this album is even going to top Disgusting for me
  7. Definitely their best record, IMO. I think every song is single-worthy.
  8. 1. The Amity Affliction 2. Erra 3. WSTR
  9. Red, Green Or Inbetween was one of my favourite albums from last year and IMO this one is even better. I notice that they do get compared to Neck Deep a lot, so I like that on this they've tried to progress and change their sound up more to avoid that. I just don't think there's a single bad song on this album tbh. It's gonna be a tough decision between this and Misery for my favourite album of August
  10. Thanks! Really excited for this one
  11. He might be an arsehole, but you can't change the fact that Denis is a rediculously talented guy
  12. That artwork is so sick. Haven't listened to these guys much, but I'm gonna give Hollow a couple of spins and hope I can get into them
  13. Not completely sold yet, but I'm gonna keep listening and hope it grows on me more over time. Unfortunately I'm one of those people that REALLY enjoyed their "generic" sound from Chasing Ghosts, LTOTM and TCBH so I'm finding it pretty hard to adapt to this. Feels Like I'm Dying, Drag The Lake and The Gifthorse are some of my favourite Amity songs that have been released in a while though. Loving the sound of the 80's style synth in a lot of these songs
  14. Damn I didn't even realise, but now you've said it I can't unhear it