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  1. Wow I did NOT think he'd reply..kinda disappointed that he stooped to that level tbh
  2. No you said you were never able to sit through a whole album because all of the songs sound samey yet you had even listened to this yet to prove your own point. Plus the singles don't even sound like the rest of it lmao
  3. Not to hijack this but finally some SR love I feel like everyone's been sleeping way too hard on them
  4. This is one of the dumbest things I've read
  5. Not a bad song but I hate how that snare sounds
  6. I've spun this 3 times now and it's becoming one of my top AOTY..maybe 1 or 2 less slow songs but what's here rips HARD
  7. Sounds kinda like Normandie esp the vocals..I dig it
  8. Nonpoint and Smile Empty Soul are the 2 most consistent bands that are just way too under-appreciated
  9. Title track is my favorite..very FUTCT/IOH sounding
  10. This is one of those bands where I always DL their records but never get around to listening..maybe I'll finally try em and just start from Chasing Ghosts on
  11. How could you like Beartooth and not like this? Perfect mix of catchy and heavy..I love the bridge and the chant after the chorus YOU NEVER KNOW TILL YOU KNOW KNOW KNOW