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  1. i can see why, it has some awesome sounds going on, rivaling that Trash Boat for number one
  2. I love the more pop punky Silverstein feel that this and trash boat have I just heard this for the first time due to someone mocking me for not having it in my top 5 pop punk of the year. This is a 10/10 album
  3. I didn't even know this band existed, thanks for mentioning them, enjoying tf out of their album rn
  4. Or they could legit just not like MGK? I never have liked him. I also don't like that Travis Scott album
  5. Everything I want from a pop punk/emo album is basically this. Super good album, hope it doesn't get slept on
  6. Oof, i do not think i have heard that one, gotta go do that now
  7. New INK is super catchy, and the first two singles were kinda heavy, INK has always been god tier at mixing catchy and aggression though
  8. This thread is gonna turn to shit real fast I would say that until this they have been mildly consistent album to album