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  1. I honestly didn’t think they could top dealer, but they did, I love this band.
  2. I agree! Although I fucking miss Yüth Froever :(, but this cd is dope
  3. Vocalist from Jesus Piece if I’m not mistaken.
  4. I made fun of this guy but you know what? This slaps
  5. Awesome! Thanks! Although I had to replace the cover art with the vinyl versions cover art lol.
  6. I enjoy heavier plot hell my favourite of theirs is CYWYCB but this is on a different level, by far the best they’ve ever put out, sorry other people have different opinions
  7. I guess rise records listen to Vincent from TAS’ advice and signed these guys
  8. Fuck that last guttural and breakdown on rancid got me shook
  9. I got to that part is was left confused myself lol
  10. Pre ordered day one when they went live but I can’t wait lol, thanks!!!!