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  1. Amazing song, Lana venturing a bit into progressive spheres. Prog Dream Pop? hehe
  2. Really stoked for the full album, glad I still nabbed myself a vinyl, that shit sold out fast.
  3. This beef is like a PG-13 action movie. Bangs but feels so harmless.
  4. Hot diggety damn this is fkn good and made me hyped for the next album.
  5. Here clearly added "(who is also white)" 'understandably assumed' lel Man BRDSX what would you do in life without circlejerking and downvotes.
  6. I get why they did it (to differentiate the instrumental pieces from the full-band songs) but it just makes the tracklist look messy. I'm still gonna slap the original album cover on this release tho, really don't like the blue tint.
  7. You could make that argument with Em in the 90s, Dre specifically got him to get Rap into the Midwest. Nowadays it's more a nostalgia thing. We grew up with Eminems best albums.
  8. When thats Top Tier, what is Converge? Heavenly? Godlike?
  9. Kinda sad that the gunshot noises aren't in the single before the drops. Made them way more effective with the switch in tone.