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  1. well if they have djent in their band name they have to be good
  2. I've seen some pretty great 'disturbing' art in grind and other heavy genres. all the biblical, demonic shit can actually look really cool. but this just made me laugh out loud. unless that was their intention, which I doubt. 'bro, let's have the mouth like screaming... and the pan is like full of blood. dude people would flip' hahaha
  3. so deep and provocative... lol, it's a disembodied face in a frying pan come on man
  4. artwork is lame. imagine the conversation that took place in order to convey this idea to bandmates and the artist. "dude you know what would be sick as fuck?... " bunch of grown ass men with an edgy high school mentality.
  5. it's not about the screaming, the bands you're talking about; if you put the new and old instrumentals side by side there's a dramatic lack of any energy or momentum in the songs. the writing has been dumbed down to cast a wider net, the same fans complaining about this or bmth are also complaining about hands like houses who have virtually zero screaming. I get your point tho, just move on to younger bands than shit on your old favorites who want to change... but I think people are more upset with a perceived lack of integrity from the artists they grew up with.
  6. original ep/sleepwalking mmf is the band at their most creative imo, but yeah if they were determined to transition to that popular risecore sound they at least did it with integrity on second ep and the hollow. you didn't like the original singer? he had some nice runs on that first ep
  7. pretty much sums up anything after 'the hollow' original ep still their best work tho
  8. are you upset that someone stole your stolen content? 'it's only fair' that you're credited for the album you did not create but are giving away for free? fuck out of here, that's the most backwards logic.
  9. when kingdom leaks posts a preview it usually means they have the album and are trying to generate buzz. it will leak way before 10 days, I give it till Sunday.
  10. no comments, wtf this album is great. nothing groundbreaking but enough experimentation that it throws me off guard occasionally. a metalcore band that can have fun with their music. thanks @Frak The Gods for putting me on to these guys. just what I've been looking for the last few months
  11. his uncleans sound A LOT like the Used's first album.
  12. I don't remember ever listening to this band, I recognize the name, but that's it. so I had to go check out 'madness to see what all the shock was about oh my god, these dudes went straight old man rock. I wonder what the catalyst was... for both the change and the change back. this gives me hope for bmth, there's always a chance