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  1. Maaaannn, this is so hot! Now I'm excited for the album.
  2. Oh my God, this is so fucking good. This new Atreyu came to kill !!
  3. Rap devil vs Killshot, marketing duel
  4. I was surprised, I thought I wouldn't like it, but I liked it. This record is pretty cool.
  5. Holy shit, this is the best album of the month!!! Not tired of listening... Anthem Of The Defeated, The Price Of Agony, Youth Division, Oblivion, Tower Of Pain and When Everything Means Nothing are addictive as fuck, man, I'm fucking crazy! lol Thank you for introducing me to this band. xD
  6. Every single released the hype increases more.
  7. Completely solid album! My only complaint is for having 8 songs merely. My favs are Shadowboxer, Leech, Prayers and Self Help.