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  1. Lol I’m 32 years. Let me be old.
  2. @BERO @BRDSX why are y’all confused. Crabcore was the genre of attack attack. heres an article
  3. Dude Spiritbox is solid. I have liked everything they have put out. Courtney is pretty neat too.
  4. I could kick some bitches off stage to this lulz
  5. is there more them? I really really enjoy this feel....
  6. Hey just curious, you post a lot of leaks similar to Whiskey Myers ,Turnpike and American aquarium..... any chance you’ll be on the William Clark Green release train too?


    Maybe just trying to scout out that release some 😏


    youre the best! 

  7. Holy shit. I need to get off work and home to DL ASAP. Anything lile magnetic north or earlier?
  8. @Voinolin theyre right tho... use a Braille translator Edit: god I butchered that sentence
  9. Holy Shit!!!!! It’s 5:30pm CST, I’m gettin off work and this fucking leaked!!!! Weekend fucking set ya dig?
  10. @moonlover and im pretty sure CB didn’t go to jail....
  11. This should just leak already... this new track every few days shit, is just stressful on the want.
  12. Super good stuff. I liked Wolves better but this will definitely grow on me. Ready to see them then play in Houston in July.